One of my all-time-favorite-pastimes is taking part in the Buergerhof pub quiz, hosted by the most awesome, loveable, weird quizmaster Gerd.

My team consists of some very relaxed smartasses. With our fantastic experts we are good at most questions related to endemic or exotic fish, catholic saints or popes, life and works of Karl May, record-breaking mountains, islands, rivers and other geographical phenomenons, hausfrau stuff, and 20th century political scandals. We guess courageously when it comes to soccer (indispensable field in a german quiz), today’s celebrities, or ancient history, and we have a shared black hole in our brains where other people store their knowledge about chemistry, physics, or philosophy. All in all: sometimes we’re quite successful, other times our results are embarrassing, and we have lots of fun anyway.

But this time we were on a roll like never before: Thanks to our superior knowledge and some guessing skills we got 55 points (our normal score is somewhere about 30-40). What a victory! We even managed to declass everybody’s favorite rivals, Team “Warsaw Pact”, who made the 2nd place with 8 points less! Great winners’ celebrations followed where we spent all our prize for drinks!

55 points!

last souvenir photo of our worksheet before superbrains tore it apart when they grabbed their share of the prize

… to make me smile:

Milka Cow

Isn’t she lovely?

When I met this full-sized lilac cow in the supermarket tonight, it really made my day!!!

And I had been in a really bad mood all day long, which got even worse when I realized that I couldn’t stay slouched on my sofa. Instead of this I had to go to the supermarket once more to buy some bread, which I had totally forgotten on my first shopping tour.  But this cute girl changed my temper completely. Isn’t she lovely? Sometimes I’m glad that I’m such a simple person who get’s excited about gigantic point-of-sale-ads. Certainly I’ll go to see the cow again…

btw: the cow is great, but milka is not my favorite chocolate brand, no way!

Die zombies, die!

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It took some time, and German customs seem to have checked the parcels very carefully, but at last some of the zombie stuff I bought on etsy has arrived! And I like it even more than I hoped for!

These mean zombie hunting permits come from WeirdStickers. I had ordered only one sticker, but they were so kind to include a bonus sticker 😀 Oooooooh, I love them (both stickers and creative minds from WeirdStickers)!

Zombie Hunting Permit

… in 2012! Holidays are over, tomorrow I will go to work again and I’m so much looking forward to this! Happy me, who has such a fine job 😀

Look here, this is me one of my last working days in 2011:


yourmummy desperately knitting her own pair of 80-style fingerless mitts while working really hard 😉

Ha ha, as soon as my stats show that there’s someone out there who actually reads this blog, I will start a quiz: Guess my profession! (This was a very popular TV-quiz-show here in Germany when I was a kid, like “What’s my line”).

Winner will get one of my knitted items I make at work. More pics will follow, finally I have found the cable to connect my mobile phone to my notebook, so it’s not a problem anymore to post pics.

Viva Piñata!

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Why am I so unassertive about raising funds for my Vegas trip? One reason is certainly that it seems somehow egomaniac to me to raise money for my very own desires. And yesterday I found out what to do about that: I will deposit my savings for this trip not on my bank account but give it as loans on kiva. As long as I don’t need the money it will help entrepeneurs in poorer countries to establish or enlarge their small business, and at the same time this prevents me from  spending the money for reparing broken cars, washing machines, heating installations or whatever. Hehe, that’s a real win-win-situation 😉

Because all my sister’s familiy is in a piñata frenzy, playing “Viva Piñata!” on our old Xbox360, my first loan goes to Nicaragua, to a woman who makes piñatas.



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Premiere: first time shopping on etsy!

I did a good part of my x-mas-shopping (late as always) on etsy today and I’m so excited! I found gorgeous stuff and it seems that this year it will be some kind of zombie x-mas 😉 This year my love and me had so much fun watching classic and new zombie movies and we look forward to February 2012 when “The Walking Dead” TV-series will continue, so the zombie-theme is just perfect!

From Barrel of Monkeys I ordered some “I (Heart) Zombies”-buttons, from WeirdStickers a zombie hunter license sticker and (I’m soooo much looking forward to these!!!) from The Stapelia Company 3 prints from her Zom-B-Vex-Series!

Now I just hope that transcontinental mail will go really fast and at least some of this cute stuff will arrive in time!


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OK, it’s about a month now that I had the idea about this blog and making my dream of a trip to Vegas real. And nothing did happen on this blog. Arrrrgh. Stupid lazy me. But at least I made some stuff: a big warm very tentaculated crochet scarf, a retro cowl in my favorite 80’s colors, matching wristwarmers… Unfortunately no photos yet. Wheather is bad, models aren’t in the mood for modeling. Currently I’m musing about some balls of very thick and cozy black microfibre yarn: Will it mutate into another tentacle scarf? Will it become a really big cowl? Or will it look and feel best as a wearable spiderweb? We’ll see.

Anyway, as I seem to lack commitment to my project, I decided today to proclaim a kind of time-schedule here – publicly, for anyone to see – and I will feel terribly ashamed (haha, me?) if I don’t meet my objectives. Or I will set up a new time-schedule 😉

ok, hey ho let’s go: I will post in this blog at least once a week for the next two months. I will take photos of my projects until next Wednesday (July, 27th) and present them here soon after. I will set up an Etsy Shop until the mid of August. And I will crochet or knit or make otherwise at least one item per week.

Uuuoohouuuu, will I really do this???

Last weekend I was at a festival, the annual “Ruhrpott Rodeo” in the peaceful meadows of the small town of Huenxe, Germany. Like last year, it was a bit strange and irritating for an old lady like me, but all in all it was just great! 

My personal top-acts: For day one it’s Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine (I still can’t believe that I really heard and saw this great artist and person!!!), for day two it’s The Adicts (fantastic show – I was absolutely mesmerized!). Other bands I really liked were The Damned, Knochenfabrik, The Movement, Pascow, and even when there were bands like “NextYearIMustNotOnlyBringEarplugsButAlsoSomethingToBlindfoldMyself” (Die mächtigen Kassierer – sorry, Jungens, aber das is weder akustisch noch visuell was für mich… ) or “IWearEarplugsWhyCanIStillHearThisShittyBand” (so bad I forgot the name…) I had lots of fun – just looking at the people, meeting some friends… 

Anyway – when I wasn’t completely absorbed by watching and hearing the actual band, it came to my mind that there aren’t any festivals in winter. Baaaah. Only indoor concerts. And then my thoughts curled up around each other… and I got a bunch of ideas: There aren’t any festivals in winter, because it’s too cold – People lack decent clothing for winter, and why shouldn’t I make really warm nice punk rock ScarfsHatsCowlsJacketsAndWhateverILikeToMake so we can have fun outside? I knit and crochet and do anything with threads anyway, all the time. And then I thought: hehe, there are festivals I’ve been dreaming of since I heard of them… – what about Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas? Only dreaming, because I can’t afford this now and I probably won’t have the money in the next few years, too? ShittyShit. And then my thoughts focused again: I want to go to Vegas. I want to invite my love to this trip. I can make clothes. I can sell them. I can save the money in my big fat Sparschwein and someday we can make our trip to Vegas!!! Yeah!!!